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Custom Knife Talent Signs with Civivi for New Fixed Blade

There’s new talent joining the WE Knife/Civivi family this winter, PG Knives. The Propugnator is a fixed blade with a design as unique as its name.

PG Knives is the shop name for Polish knifemaker Piotr Gosciniak. Gosciniak has been making knives since 2018, in a house style that emphasizes modern tactical looks, daring angles, and complex grinds. More than 20 fixed blades have been rolled out under the PG Knives label, but the appearance of the Propugnator marks the first ever production collaboration for the young maker.

The Propugnator takes mucho inspiration from Gosciniak’s Defender custom, sharing many visual elements and similar, but not identical, dimensions. The heart of its all is the blade, of course, a modified reverse tanto. However, unlike the average tanto knife, what is normally the secondary edge (the smaller, forward stretch of edge) is longer than the back edge here. Confused? Don’t be, it makes much more sense visually than it does textually.

Up close look at the Propugnator blade

You know what else makes sense? The steel choice, which is our old friend D2. In conjunction with the 4.15-inch edge, you’ve got a recipe for a hardworking fixie, both outdoors and in, in both utility and tactical applications. Goscniak’s signature compound grinding has been replicated here as well, which means that the back portion of the edge is a bit meatier, while the forward portion had been thinned down to maximize slicing ability. The custom Defender model can be had with or without a decorative fuller; the Propugnator comes with one out of the box.

The Propugnator’s handle, with its angular cuts, corroborates the visual styling on the blade without compromising the fundamental ergonomics. You’ve got a trio of handle materials to choose from: black G-10, green canvas Micarta, and, our personal favorite and a knife world fad right now, Ultem. The Propugnator weighs 6.3 oz. and comes with a kydex sheath.

The Propugnator is set to arrive in December, which is (holy cow) right around the corner.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Propugnator

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