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Magtech Introducing (Cheap and Good?) Steel Case Ammunition

Magtech Ammunition is introducing new, lower-priced Steel Case 9mm pistol ammunition. Developed over a two-year period, this Magtech should be better than traditional steel case offerings as Magtech will handle production in-house using proprietary machinery and will incorporate the same Boxer primers and the same powder and projectiles used in Magtech’s standard brass case 9mm.

A key innovation in this new line is the zinc-plated and polished steel cases, which eliminates the need for the usual lacquers, polymer coatings, or other treatments that can potentially hinder performance. It’s fair to anticipate a higher level of reliability and functionality.

This development by Magtech is a part of a larger trend within the ammunition industry towards innovating lines of quality budget range ammo. Magtech’s parent group, CBC Global Ammunition, encompasses various other renowned manufacturers like CBC Brazil, MEN Germany, SinterFire, and Sellier & Bellot Czech Republic.

We use S&B and Magtech as the standard range ammo at my range, the Neutral Ground Gun Company in New Orleans. We may look into this new offering as a lower priced alternative for range rentals, especially considering that these rounds don’t use steel projectiles or nasty lacquer like most Russian budget rounds.

For more detailed information on this new product, visit [Magtech Ammunition](

.PDF data sheet below:

9AS – Datasheet – Magtech

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