First Look: New 5.7x28mm Ammo From FN America

FN America created the 5.7x28mm cartridge as a response to a NATO request for a round that could reach out beyond 9mm range, yet be less powerful than a rifle cartridge. Now FN is releasing two new ammo loads for customers who own firearms chambered in 5.7x28mm; FN DFNS for personal protection and FN GUNR for training and range use.

“Since the NATO standardization of 5.7x28mm, there has been tremendous growth in the category and we recognized the need for reliable defensive ammunition and affordable ball ammunition for training, which is why we’re pleased to introduce the FN DFNS personal protection and FN GUNR training loads,” said Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales for FN America, LLC. “FN has spent many years perfecting the design and manufacturing process for 5.7x28mm ammunition to ensure that no matter which FN 5.7 cartridge you load, it will function reliably and deliver the superior accuracy that 5.7 is known for. Our customers and 5.7 enthusiasts alike can depend on FN DFNS and GUNR to deliver equally against that promise.”

The new FN DFNS round is the first 5.7x28mm ammunition from FN that is designed for personal protection. The round is capable of an average of approximately 2,067 fps velocity and approximately 286 ft.-lbs. of energy from the muzzle. The unique 30-grain jacketed hollow point bullet contains a copper-tin powdered core that is designed to expend energy quickly and efficiently while still cycling reliably in your firearm. DFNS has been certified by independent testing to meet the FBI’s ammunition testing protocol to ensure that this high-performance round delivers accuracy, consistent expansion and safe, reliable performance.

The FN GUNR 5.7x28mm training round has a 40-grain full metal jacketed cartridge and features a high-quality brass construction with boxer primer and is designed to achieve an average of 1870 fps. The FN GUNR delivers extremely low felt recoil, improved accuracy at extended ranges and reliable feeding across all 5.7 mm-chambered firearms and is considered comparable in performance to FN’s other sporting loads.

FN now offers a total of four 5.7x28mm loads available to the U.S. consumer market with offerings ranging from training, sport shooting, small game hunting and personal defense.

FN 5.7x28mm ammunition is now available in 50-round individual boxes or 500-round bulk pack cases. For more information on this new ammo or other products from FN America, please visit fnamerica.com.

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