First Look: Sightron S-TAC 1 to 6×24 Optic

Sightron has just unveiled its new feature packed S-TAC 1 to 6×24 LPVO (low power variable optic) that makes use of Sightron’s illuminated AR1 reticle. This new low powered variable optic and its AR1 reticle are built for modern AR-15 carbines chambered for the 5.56 NATO or .223 Rem. cartridge. The AR1 reticle features BDC (bullet-drop compensating) style horizontal stadia lines to help shooters make farther shots at a distance. These extended ranges start at 300 yards and follow through 600 yards, which is right at the practical limit of most AR-15 pattern rifles and carbines. The BDC reticle stadia lines are covered by a pair of fast-reference wind dots that indicated winds between 5 to 10 miles per hour. Instead of the typical extended throw lever to adjust the magnification level, the magnification ring of the new S-TAC LPVO has a built in fin so that the end user never has to worry about a loose or broken throw lever assembly again.

“We are laser-focused on developing best-in-class riflescopes at excellent prices,” says John Long, National Sales Manager, Sightron. “The S-TAC 1-6×24 AR1 employs Japanese optical glass and camera-grade multi-coatings to provide the best possible viewing experience in the sub-$500 price point.”

LPVO scopes are enjoying a lot of popularity these days as these units can act both as red-dot sights for up close shooting, but they can also be magnified to facilitate making further distance shots while still providing the shooter with a useful reticle. The S-TAC 1 has a second focal plane reticle that is illuminated by a CR-2032 battery. The turrets are capped for secure use in the field, and the tube diameter is 30mm.

The new Sightron S-TAC and all other scopes offered by Sightron include the company’s “Lifetime Performance Guarantee.” The retail price for this new Sightron LPVO starts at $499. To learn more about the new STAC 1-6×24 AR1 or other products made by Sightron, please visit sightron.com.

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