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Biden Ordered Amazon to Hide Books Criticizing Vaccines During COVID “Pandemic”

This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News.

The House Judiciary Committee and Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government presented evidence this week to show that during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic,” President Biden and his regime coerced Amazon into hiding books on its platform that are critical of vaccines.

In obedience to the regime, Amazon reportedly reduced the visibility of certain key titles that the Biden regime considers to be a threat because they expose Big Pharma’s vaccine poisons.

Documents show that some of the books had nothing to do with COVID or COVID injections while others were written by medical professionals. Several of the titles are simply reviews of scientific studies that just so happen to address vaccine unsafety and ineffectiveness.

More than 40 books and materials in total were added to the Biden regime’s “Do Not Promote” list that Amazon ultimately censored from its platform all throughout the “pandemic” to stop the public from learning the truth.

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Censorship is Biden’s forte

In a series of X posts, Judiciary Committee Chair Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Oh.) publicly revealed some of the internal emails from Amazon employees that show “the impetus for this request,” meaning the request to block the books, “is criticism from the Biden Administration.”

“Internal emails reveal that Amazon initially added 43 books to its newly created ‘Do Not Promote’ class of allegedly anti-vaccine books,” Jordan wrote in one of his posts.

“These pro-censorship changes were being made ‘due to criticism from the Biden people.”

Even some children’s books were censored as part of the sweep because they were deemed to be too “friendly” towards the unvaccinated:

A number of books aimed at teaching parents how to raise their children also got axed because the Biden regime found that they are too informational and persuasive in convincing parents to avoid toxic vaccines for their precious children.

“There is nothing the Biden Admin and the elites hate more than parents making their own decisions about their children’s education, health and values,” Jordan said along with a screenshot of The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child (Sears Parenting Library) by Robert W. Sears, MD.

Biden’s claim all during this time is that these books were full of “misinformation” that could harm the public, especially as Operation Warp Speed was getting off the ground. The truth, though, is that all of the books on the list are much too eye-opening about the dangers of vaccination for the regime’s liking.

The irony is that the Biden regime has repeatedly accused Republicans of engaging in nationwide book “ban” activity. The truth is this: the only side trying to ban books right now is the left.

“Don’t let the Biden Admin tell you that their censorship campaign was about concerns of misinformation going viral on social media,” Jordan contends. “They were going after BOOKS too. This is – and always has been – about suppressing disfavored views, not purported challenges of new technologies.”

If there is one thing the Biden regime is really good at, it is censorship. Learn more at

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