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Chemtrails Are Part Of The Depopulation Agenda

This article was originally published by Rhoda Wilson at The Daily Exposé.

What are they spraying into the sky? Who’s doing it? Why are they doing it, what are their motives?  And what can we do to put an end to this?

These are questions Richard Vobes put to two pilots last week who have been conducting in-depth research into chemtrails.  To protect their anonymity, the two pilots were named Eves and Russ for the interview.

Eves, currently based in Belgium, has been a commercial pilot for over 25 years.  He has traveled extensively around Europe, America, Canada, the Middle East, and Singapore and began noticing the chemtrails about 10 years ago.

Russ started off his career in aviation in the military before moving on to becoming a commercial pilot.  He currently flies in the UK and Europe.

Chemtrails lead back to the depopulation agenda, Eves said.  It leads to the World Health Organisation and the World Economic Forum, and among its main sponsors is Bill Gates.

The chemtrail program goes deep, Russ said. International airspace restrictions and control authorities are involved, as well as the military and civil aviation authorities.

Richard Vobes: The truth about chemtrails from pilots, 12 June 2024 (58 mins)

Geoengineering is a controversial science of manipulating the climate for the stated purpose of fighting man-made climate change. There are several types of geoengineering, including Solar Radiation Management (“SRM”) or solar geoengineering.

Stratospheric aerosol injection (“SAI”), or Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (“SAG”), is a specific solar geoengineering practice that involves spraying aerosols into the sky in an attempt to deflect the Sun’s rays. These are examples of what is often referred to as chemical trails or chemtrails.

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What Are They Spraying and Why?

All around Europe tests have been done on samples of the residue that is left on cars and roofs.  Using mass spectrometry, several laboratories have confirmed that the main constituents are barium, strontium, aluminum oxide, various microplastics, up to 2% uranium, and graphene oxide.

“These tend to be the basic elements in what they’re spraying,” Eves said.  Adding that barium and strontium are both carcinogenic.

“We found out that, in Europe, about two-thirds of the chemicals come from America and about a third of the chemicals come from India.  There are various companies that are bringing them in; the military we also believe are bringing them in,” Eves said.  In Belgium, he said, “the military has been spraying for quite some time. In fact, the military has been spraying a lot longer than the civil operators.”

“The justification for it, they say – we’re talking the New World Order globalists, etc – is to dim the Sun because it’s climate change, or whatever they want to call it next week, and to insidiously poison everything,” Eves explained.

“It is the depopulation program, it all leads back to that,” Eves added.  “It leads back to the World Health Organisation; it leads back to the [World Economic Forum] and the main players who are sponsoring this are the Bill Gates Foundation and various others.”

Eves went on to say that this program is included in the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 and Agenda 21.  “It’s well documented in the Johns Hopkins agendas,” Eves said.

It is also in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, also known as the Paris Accord. “The Paris Climate Accord in 2015 of which all member states signed an agreement saying that this is what they would go ahead and do, undertake the geoengineering,” Russ said.  “The Paris Climate Accord is totally based on fraud … because we know [they’ve lied about] the CO2 levels.”

Chemtrails aren’t only crimes against humanity but they’re also crimes against the natural world.

The chemicals from the chemtrails get into the grass which animals are then eating. “We’ve been speaking to a lot of farmers … from Belgium and a lot of the farmers there are reporting all sorts of problems with animals, particularly newborn animals such as lambs.  It’s starting to affect everything. And it is insidious,” Eves said.

When aluminum gets into the soil, it kills all plant life from the roots up, Russ said.  And, among other things, aluminum oxide promotes Alzheimer’s disease in humans.  According to Geoengineering Watch, 10 years ago it could already be seen that bee populations were suffering from the ill effects of chemtrails.

“It’s been proven that bees [ ] have so much aluminum building up in their system that they get a form of Alzheimer’s disease,” Russ said. “If the bees die and the crops die, which is part of the plan and the overall agenda, that’s where you’re getting your food supply problems,” Russ said. “It’s all connected.”

Applications for hundreds of geoengineering patents have been made by a variety of companies from around the world, Eves said. “The main sponsors for a lot of these companies all go back to the same sources which is some of the Soros foundations, Gates foundations, and so on.”

At first, Eves dismissed the metal particulates in aviation fuel as it was thought the hot section of the engine would melt it all.  “But in actual fact, what they’re putting into the fuel has a higher melting point of around about 900 degrees, and hot sections of the engines tend to burn at around 700 to 800 degrees.  [However,] much of these spray applications that you can see aircraft doing actually doesn’t go through the fuel, some of it’s in the fuel, a very small amount, but a lot of it is actually external nozzles,” Eves said.

The metal particulates that they are spraying at around 10,000 to 15,000 feet work together with HAARP.

“[HAARP] is high frequency but they’re using thousands of Watts so it does affect the ionosphere. And having the metal particulates in the ionosphere already, they can cause different pressure or heat domes, as they call it, which then manipulates the jet stream, which then picks up more water as it has a longer sea track.  And then when they collapse the heat dome, the jet stream then comes over the UK [and] over northern Europe and we have two to three times the normal rainfall.  This is all done by design,” Eves explained.

Russ explained that there is a particular pattern in the trails that indicates when HAARP has been turned on.  “They call it mackerel sky … [it] is very fine ripples in the sky,” Russ said.

In meteorological terms, a mackerel sky is caused by frequency waves in the upper atmosphere. “Of course, if you want to do something covertly without people cottoning on to what you’re doing, you’re going to make it look as natural as possible,” Russ said.

“But there are time and time again examples of where they’ve sprayed and then they’ve manipulated – everybody’s witnessed and photographed and videoed this mackerel cloud. The mackerel cloud is confirmation that HAARP has been used or indeed 5G or Doppler radar … It’s very difficult, obviously, to know if it is genuinely natural mackerel sky or if it’s been HAARP manipulated but [HAARP manipulated] normally coincides within just a few hours of spraying occurring.”

What Types of Aircraft are Involved in Spraying Operations? 

It’s a mixture of commercial flights and specially adapted airplanes that do the spraying.  “The initial culprits were freighter aircraft that have been converted,” Eves said. In Europe, “there’s a company who supply freighter aircraft called ASL … [that] lease some of these aircraft to various companies around Europe, freighter companies who then apply for the conversions which are fairly simple to do.”

“In the UK there’s a couple of companies that we’ve also been keeping an eye on [that] have a roll-on roll-off system,” Eves said.

The roll-on roll-off system is a containerized system much like a freighter aircraft normally has.  “It’s a pallet with a pump, wiring, a container with the chemicals in.  They get loaded onto the aircraft. They get slotted into position. An engineer will connect them all up and he’ll get airborne,” Eves said.

Other aircraft will have permanent tanks fitted. “They’re deliberately and wilfully fitted so the CAA [civil aviation authority] in each country have approved these systems. So, the CAA know about what they’re doing,” Eves said.

Do the pilots know what they’re doing? “Yes, they do. 100%,” Eves said. These chemicals are classed as dangerous goods.  “If you have dangerous goods on board … the captain has to have something called a NOTOC, which is a NOtification TO Captain, and that will list where the dangerous goods are [positioned in the aircraft].”

Do the ground crew and chemical manufacturers, for example, know?  “The whole system is very cleverly designed,” Eves said. For the companies dedicated to spraying, the pilots and the engineers are typically ex-military who have signed their country’s official secrets act, and “they know how to keep their mouths shut.”

The suppliers of the chemicals probably don’t ask too many questions.  The people who mix the chemicals, “Yes, they will know for sure but there’ll be very few and again they’ll be under very strict contracts of non-disclosure agreements and so on,” Eves said. “It’s very well organized [and] the amount of people doing the handling will be minimal.”

Who Else Knows About It?

Russ said that although it’s difficult to know how many airplanes are operating at any one time, what is clear is that they operate in a set pattern. “That set pattern … is all controlled by international as well as the UK air traffic services.”

“We also know that they are talking to the military operators.  [At] the National Air Traffic Service, NATS as it’s called, both military and civil operators actually sit side by side in one control room,” Russ said.

A flight plan is filed so they would know the route, altitude, speed, and direction the flights are going to take before the airplane takes off.  The aircraft are then blocked so they are not visible on live flight trackers, such as Radar 24.  “[The military and civilian controllers] obviously can see the aircraft for safety reasons … [but] the apps won’t let Joe Public see them,” Russ explained.

To defend countries from attack, there’s an international system called quick reaction alert (“QRA”), Russ said. NATO calls it the NATO air policing system and in America is called NORAD. “If an aircraft, for whatever reason, doesn’t show on a radar system or it’s lost its radio contact with the controller, etc they would then initiate QRA which involves scrambling fighter jets.”  That means that the aircraft spraying chemtrails have permission to fly because the Royal Air Force is not being scrambled to intercept them.

“That’s how deep this whole thing goes,” Russ said. “Because that shows the involvement of international airspace restrictions and control as well as the CAA here in the UK.”

What Can The Public Do?

There’s a lot of things the public can do, Eves said.  There are plenty of websites where people can post photographs and information to help gather evidence.  So, for everybody, please be more attentive and gather evidence when you can.

The aircraft that are spraying, spray between 10,000 and 15,000 feet, they fly quite slowly and they’re not on the flight tracker apps.  So, if you have a good camera, telephoto lens or even a phone, take a photograph of the aircraft noting the location, date, time, and direction of flight.

If you notice any unusual equipment when you’re at an airport take note of it.  It would be really useful if you knew someone who works at an airport and could ask them to write any unusual equipment or activity down.

They are also spraying over the sea.  Over the sea, the aircraft tends to drop down to around 5,000 feet so, if fishermen and farmers near the coast can pay more attention to the skies and take photographs that would help.

Another idea is to use time-lapse photography for over an hour or a couple of hours to show the aeroplanes spraying and the chemtrails developing.  This will help raise awareness.  Remember to put a date and timestamp on the images or video.

We haven’t been asked for our consent to spray chemicals in the sky.  With elections coming up, you can also contact candidates for your Member of Parliament and indicate that you would like them to campaign against chemtrails or at least raise the issue if they would like to have your vote.  Or, you could just ask a probing question such as “What is your take on chemtrails?”

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