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Civivi Incindie Lays Stiletto Style on top of Solid EDC Specs

Civivi seems to be putting the spotlight on their in-house crew, with a fair number of recent releases showcasing the range and talent of the team at HQ. The latest example of their output is the Incindie, a mid-size offering that embeds elements of classic switchblade style into a modern folder chassis.

The archetypal Italian stiletto switchblade seems to have a permanent hold on the popular imagination, turning up in films, books, shows, and video games with some regularity. And of course, it also enjoys lasting influence in the knife world, having inspired no shortage of makers big and small over the years. While the Incindie is not a thoroughbred stiletto, there are elements throughout its design that bring the classic to mind.

The all black version of the Incindie

The influence seems most obvious in the blade. It approaches the total symmetry of the stiletto, but stops just short to give emphasis to its single, 3.48-inch cutting edge. The length makes it a good candidate for everyday carry duty, and the 14C28N on most of the Incindie variations will stand you in good stead in that role. Although it once seemed to be focused exclusively on budget-oriented stuff, Civivi has over the years widened its output and made room for fancier versions of some of their knives; and the Incindie is the latest to get the premium treatment, with an ivory-scale’d, Damascus bladed option available.

The Incindie’s handle, like its blade, pulls off a trick where it seems to be completely symmetrical to the eye but, in practice, is still ‘sided’ like the average folding knife handle. The trompe l’oeil effect is achieved thanks to the few ergonomic protrusions, as well as the symmetrical, center-aligned pattern cut into the G-10 scales. The 3.82 oz. button lock Incindie comes with a deep carry pocket clip that can be swapped to either side.

The Incindie is coming soon.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Incindie

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