First Look: Armasight Jockey Thermal Sights

Armasight has just unveiled the new Jockey series of thermal clip-on devices with two models, the Armasight Jockey 320 and the Armasight Jockey 640. Thermal clip-on units are meant to be paired with conventional “daytime” riflescopes to provide thermal capabilities for low-light conditions or night hunting. This is achieved by mounting the clip-on unit in front of the riflescope’s objective lens. The design of the Armasight Jockey series makes these clip-on devices suitable to be mounted on air rifles, crossbows, rimfire rifles and centerfire rifles chambered in calibers up to .223 Rem. Furthermore, being lightweight, the Armasight Jockey series are intended to work with riflescopes such as modern LPVOs that have a 1-6x magnification level. 

Both versions of the new Armasight Jockey Series count on key features such as the Armasight ArmaCore 12 micron thermal core, a smooth 60-hertz frame rate, recoil rating for firearms chambered in .223 Rem./5.56 NATO, easy to mount external housings along with a compact and lightweight design. Both Armasight Jockey thermal clip-on models come in a package which includes: Thermal imaging clip-on, quick detach mount, USB-C cable, thermal zeroing target, product manual,  two CR123A batteries, lens cloth and a soft case.

Other features include:

  • Video and image capture. 
  • USB video stream to share video.
  • USB-C interface to view recordings and photos on external devices.
  • Numerous color palettes so you can choose your preferred visual style.
  • Intuitive controls for easy operation using simple three-button controls.
  • Quick Detach Mount: A swift and tool-free way to add thermal vision to your rifle.

The Armasight Jockey 320 has a retail price of $2,499, while the Armasight Jockey 640 retails for $3,799. Visit armasight.com to learn more about these items or other products in Armasight’s lineup of thermal and night vision imaging devices.

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