First Look: Gatorz Rig Eyewear

Gatorz Glasses is an American eyewear company known for its hard-use, high-quality tactical and outdoors eye protection. The company has just launched a new sunglasses model, the Gatorz Rig. 

Rig sunglasses have a modern, contemporary design which works well both on and off the range, with a wide amount of different lens choices including ANSI rated ballistic lenses useful to shooters and operators. Customers can currently choose from 10 different Gatorz Rig variants with either ANSI ballistic rated lenses, polarized lenses or clear photochromic lenses. As with their other sunglasses, the temples (sides) and frames of Gatorz Rig glasses are made from aluminum and finished with Cerakote, the same ceramic based coating found on many contemporary firearms. Frames and temples can be had in black, graphite or coyote tan finishes.   

“The Gatorz Rig represents a new era in eyewear, where practicality and style converge seamlessly,” remarked Scott Sorensen, Head of Marketing at Gatorz Eyewear. “With its blend of form and function, the Rig addresses the need for versatility, safeguarding, clarity, style, and comfort within a singular product. It’s the epitome of eyewear innovation for protection and looking good.”

Gatorz Rig eye protection is available in the following 10 color/lens combinations:

  • Black Cerakote frame/black logo/Clear photochromic lens
  • Black Cerakote frame/black logo/Non-polarized smoke lens
  • Slate Cerakote frame/black logo/Non-polarized smoke lens
  • Tan Cerakote frame/black logo/Non-polarized smoke lens  
  • Black Cerakote frame/black logo/OPZ digitally optimized smoke lens 
  • Graphite Cerakote frame/silver logo/Sunburst mirror lens 
  • Black Cerakote frame/silver logo/OPZ gold mirror lens
  • Black Cerakote frame/black logo/OPZ Smoke lens
  • Graffiti Cerakote frame/black logo/OPZ Smoke lens
  • Graphite Cerakote frame/silver logo/OPZ Sunburst Mirror lens
  • Black Cerakote frame/black logo/Ballistic rated Smoke anti-fog lens 

Retail pricing for the new Rig sunglasses starts at $160 and varies depending on specific lens selected. To learn more about the new Gatorz Rig sunglasses and other eyewear offered by Gatorz—all of which is made in the United States—visit gatorz.com.

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