GREG GUTFELD: Democrats and the media have been exposed

Consider yesterday’s Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity. In the dissent, Sotomayor hilariously frets about how far Trump would take it. She writes, “He will now be insulated from criminal prosecution orders. Orders the Navy SEAL Team Six to assassinate a political rival? Immune. Organizes a military coup to hold onto power? Immune. Takes a bribe in exchange for a pardon? Immune. Immune. Immune. Immune.” But that’s all B.S. and it’s scary coming from a Supreme Court justice, some wise Latina. She makes AOC seem like FDR. Everything she suggests, the president would face impeachment for and then a trial. But surprise, the media played along.

JOY REID: Presumably, if he were to use Seal Team Six to try to assassinate one of his political opponents, so long as he did it through the auspices of the presidency, let’s say, use the NSA to say, let me investigate the Biden’s as a national security threat, and then we need to go ahead and assassinate them when they take a foreign trip. We’ll just go ahead and use drones to assassinate them, let’s say in a foreign country, and we’ll use Seal Team Six to go in and get them like they got Bin Laden. As long as you use it, do it through the official apparatuses of the presidency, he can do it. 

RACHEL MADDOW: Given that the hypotheticals over the course of these arguments, as you rightly pointed out, included things like, can the president assassinate a rival? I think we have to look at the Supreme Court’s affirmative answer to that. Yes, you can, with as much seriousness as it deserves. I mean, this is a death squad ruling.


I like that guy. Chris Hayes. Chris Hayes. Luckily, she only works Mondays and has six days to calm down. But the libs once again rely on extreme fantasy. The president can use Seal Team Six to take out critics? Well, if he uses it on The View, they’d be called Meal Team Six. How would Trump take out Biden? Make him climb stairs? Would he slip poison into Pelosi’s Botox? Switch out Jerry Nadler’s Depends with a suicide diaper? In a perfect act of karma, he could tie Mitt Romney to the roof of the presidential limo. Or, maybe Trump could prosecute his political enemies on charges nobody can even explain. That would be new, right? But this decision is easily explained. 

On one hand, if the president has no immunity for official actions, we end up with a leader weighing options on whether he’ll have to defend them in court some day. He’ll be more gun-shy than Alec Baldwin’s assistant. But do we want a president who’s immune from all prosecution? That’s all this was– a guide on the limits of presidential power. But how do you expect a man with one foot in his mouth and the other in the grave to understand that. 

JOE BIDEN: Today’s decision almost certainly means that there are virtually no limits on what a president can do. This is a fundamentally new principle, and it’s a dangerous precedent, because the power of the office will no longer be constrained by the law, even including the Supreme Court of the United States.

Shut up. Nobody is listening. You know, we’re just waiting to see if you don’t keel over. Now, this ruling actually meant Trump could do whatever he wants when that applied to the sitting president. And I say sitting because standing is a lot to ask of Joe these days. Chewing is asking a lot of him these days. It’s not like Biden or whoever’s running the show wouldn’t use these newfound powers. This is the White House that brought four Trump criminal cases, along with an un-elected defense attorney who chases Trump the way Ana Navarro trails the hot dog vendors of Sixth Avenue. 

If Biden handlers thought they could drone the RNC, Biden’s teleprompter would read ready, aim, fire, and Biden would say ready, aim, fire, end of quote. But why is every Supreme Court decision or every word spoken by Trump causing a meltdown, usually seen in Jesse’s dressing room when he runs out of Aqua Net? Well, this is what happens when you see everything through the prism of one man, when one human being becomes the embodiment of all the shortcomings and fears in your life. I swear I haven’t seen one guy cause this much hysteria since I did my last book tour shirtless.


So is this the end of the world? Well, if you’re one of the media or enablers who’s been hiding the nation’s most eminent dementia patient, the answer is yes, it is. You’ve been exposed. Like me, when I forget to wear pants under my chaps. So, once again, the left tries to divert us from that other story. The one about us not having a president. Look over here. Ignore that vegetable. But there’s a contradiction. First, if Trump is so evil, why do you have to make up these crimes? And if defeating Trump is so vital to saving the world, then why are you clowns running a glazed doughnut against him? 

But you see, if they don’t make this story all about the Trump apocalypse, we’re back to an unfit Biden. So they pivot back to the same preposterous place– Trump derangement fueled by hysteria, which reveals two problems. For the Dems, this hysteria is a drug to escape reality. Life sucks right now, but if I just take more of this fantasy pill, it temporarily goes away. 

But instead, it gets worse because this apocalyptic filter yields no accurate predictions. And over time, people learn that your rantings are just hoaxes. It’s how you end up with one of the biggest political scams in history exposed. So what you’re witnessing is the end of an era. An era where hoaxes were the foundation for power. Maybe now we can get back to normal, where governance is based on ability and not something imaginary like Joe’s pulse.

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