GREG GUTFELD: The media being shocked over Biden’s debate performance seems like another cover-up

So right now, Democrats seem more confused than Ilhan Omar on her wedding night. The Dems, of course, are trying to figure out what just happened. The 40% of Americans who reside on the left have apparently believed that behind closed doors, Joe Biden is sharp, engaged, and commanding. Take it from this Dem senator just a few weeks ago.

SEN. CHRIS COONS, JUNE 5: Those of us who serve with President Biden, who know him, who have had the opportunity up close and personal, in meetings in the White House or in events publicly or privately, to give affirmation that he is sharp, he is engaged, and he is commanding.

Right! And I’m favored to win the world’s ugliest man contest, but boy did they get a rude awakening, worse than when I asked Taylor Swift to leave before breakfast. Turns out Joe’s as sharp as a blob of jello and half as sturdy. Meanwhile, the rest of us have a few questions of our own: Here’s number one directed at the media who claimed to be shocked by Biden’s dementia. Are you ******* me? By the way, it’s the same question Biden’s pants ask every day. I, I kid, pants can’t talk. But the idea of the media being shocked seems like another cover-up.


Yeah, the same people who told us Joe is about to get his black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu now expect us to believe they had no idea Joe had the brain matter of an expired box of Trump steaks. So here’s what we should want to know: Number one, who exactly orchestrated this scam, who put out the talking points telling us Joe was FDR when he was really D.O.A.? Because suddenly now they’re all on the same page. Is it the media? Who was so far behind the rest of us that they come off as clueless, bubble-wrapped lapdogs? Or have they simply shifted into covering up the cover-up? Circling the wagons around the crime scene they helped create.

CNN, MONDAY: It is not honest to say that this is just one night. There have been moments like this that people have seen in front of the cameras and other moments with cameras not there.

MSNBC: The doubts of whether he can do it and then whether he can govern for another four years are still stubborn, doubts expressed both in public and in private, including among some of the most essential and consequential supporters of any campaign. Those are major donors.


MSNBC, TUESDAY: The president and his advisers are in full damage control after last week’s disastrous debate.

That’s some great acting, they make Darren from Bewitched look like Laurence Olivier. Now, clearly, somebody was keeping Joe’s unfitness under wraps for a while, and they hoped Biden would survive the debate, which he didn’t. Because, remember, first Joe was just fine, then it was cheap fakes, then he had a cold, now he’s tired from too much travel. Travel that happened ten days before the debate. Maybe it’s long-COVID, polio, bird flu, Ebola, although I thought viruses needed a living host. But I haven’t heard this many fireable excuses since my assistant accidentally booked me in coach. Enjoy unemployment, sister. 

So if it’s a cover-up of the cover-up, then who’s been running this long-con? Is it Jill, the DNC, the execs at the major networks, Rachel Maddow’s barber? Whatever, they all have more blood on their hands than a vampire with the shakes. Are the bosses of these corporate press outlets right now demanding from their employees answers as to why they missed the biggest story of their lives or, more likely, are those bosses responsible for the talking points? Could it be that exposing a Democrat president doesn’t win any big awards, but chasing Trump around 24/7, that does. Here’s another pesky question, now that the entire nation sees Joe’s condition. Shouldn’t we demand to know who’s been running the country? It’s not him, and it hasn’t been for a while. That old fart couldn’t run his own bath. 


Oddly, though, there are still Dems saying that everything’s fine. That’s a tell as well, that they know Biden’s not in charge and hasn’t been in charge for some time. So who’s behind the curtain? Who made the call on the Afghanistan pullout? Who decided to leave billions in lethal advanced weaponry with the Taliban? Who really approved the student loan bailouts? Who weaponized our justice system? And for God’s sake, who the hell has been running the border? I mean, you could say that Joe’s in charge because only a mentally ill person could have agreed to all that, except, and here’s the rub, when someone has lost their faculties, they may have nonsense in their brain, but they have no way to act on it. 

It’s the counterargument you hear when someone pleads insanity. The act of murder could have been insane, but the planning, the planning wasn’t. So my last question, will we ever know the real answer to anything? Or will the Washington media complex quickly create another hoax to keep us busy? Think of all the major hoaxes, from the 97% of climate experts who agree global warming is man-made, to the 51 former Intel officers calling the laptop Russian disinfo, how many were initiated and then organized by the same kind of people. So who did that to you? 

And will you ever let them do it to you again? If you say no, well, then get ready for the next one coming your way.

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