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1920’s ALOFS Repeating Break Action Shotgun – In Slow Motion

I came across this video recently posted by Taofledermaus’ YouTube channel. C&Rsenal brought out a single shot break action shotgun that has an ALOFS repeating magazine system attached to it. It converts the single shot shotgun into a repeating shotgun with a tube magazine. Since the action happens so fast, Taofledermaus used his Chronos high speed camera to film it in slow motion.

Slow Motion @TFB

As a fan of slow motion to study firearms, this video was a joy to watch.

According to C&Rsenal, the ALOFS system was developed right around the depression era and was a more affordable option to have a repeating shotgun system on a single shot shotgun.

Screen shot from Taofledermaus

The ALOFS system is pretty clever. It consists of a tube magazine and a spring loaded reloading system that operates when you break open the shotgun. The process starts after you fired a round, You break open the action and the spent hull is ejected with force.

ALOFS system

Screen shot from Taofledermaus

The spent shell flies out and hits a small release tab. The tab also functions as a shell deflector. Once released the loaded carrier swings over.

Screen shot from Taofledermaus

Once in position, the carrier spring pushes the next round into the chamber.

Screen shot from Taofledermaus

Screen shot from Taofledermaus

Once the barrel/chamber is loaded, you close the action to shoot the next round. While the carrier is in position, a flat plate acts as a shell stop to keep the loaded tube magazine from unloading.

Screen shot from Taofledermaus

It is only when the action is fully closed does the plate clear the tube magazine and a new shell is loaded into the carrier for the next cycle. You do have to re-cock the hammer to get the shotgun ready to be fired but reloading it is faster with technology like the ALOFS system.

Here are some more videos about the ALOFS system.

It is very cool to see and Im happy to see Taofledermaus got to film it with his Chronos high speed camera. It helped to slow down the action and really show how the system works visually.

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