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Angstadt Arms AXL-9: Modular 9mm Magwells

Angstadt Arms makes AR-style firearms mostly focusing on pistol caliber carbines (PCC). Well, they just announced a new style of PCC lower that features a modular magwell. Angstadt Arms calls it the AXL-9 receiver.

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Angstadt AXL-9, Choose Your Own 9mm Adventure

The AXL-9 reminds me of the Hydra Weaponry design. The Hydra was an AR-15 that had interchangeable mag wells to accommodate different calibers and different magazines. Well, the AXL-9 is similar in that it has interchangeable magwells to accommodate a variety of 9mm magazines. So far they announced the following:

  • Glock
  • CZ Scorpion
  • Sig Sauer

On their social media they even hinted at the possibility of caliber changes like 10mm.

We understand your choice of pistol magazines can be fluid and non-binary. One day you may identify with Sig Sauer, while the next day you might feel more like a GLOCK or maybe even a CZ Scorpion.⁠

And sure, you’re shooting 9mm now, but in the future, you may want to go big with 10mm. Whatever your magazine pronouns, the AXL-9™ has you covered.⁠

No longer will you be locked into a single platform. Thanks to interchangeable magazine wells, the AXL-9™ receiver allows you to switch between magazine types and even calibers. And best of all it’s compatible with all mil-spec and AR9 components allowing you to build and rebuild a pistol caliber as unique as yourself. ⁠

The AXL-9™ offers endless possibilities with the convenience of a single serialized lower receiver.⁠

Coming early 2024.

AXL-9 receiver

Photo by Angstadt Arms

Photo by Angstadt Arms

From the pictures above and below, it looks like the magazine catch needs to be removed in order to slide the mag well up and off the lower receiver. In the photos below, they removed the bolt catch as well. Which might need to be removed considering how it functions and possibly hangs over the mag well.

Photo by Angstadt Arms

Photo by Angstadt Arms

No information on the price, but they said it will come out next year. The beauty of a system like this is you can have a single serialized lower and change magwells to your heart’s content, depending on how complex the magwell changes are and how much additional magwells will cost.

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