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Civivi Turns Hobby Knife into EDC Neck Knife with the Quick Snip

After dipping their toes into the utility knife format with the recently-released (and aptly named) Elementum Utility, Civivi is taking a crack at another long-standing, non-enthusiast type of cutting tool with the Quick Snip.

The Quick Snip itself sports a pretty unusual look, but this is Civivi’s take on the hobby knife. Best-known under through the X-Acto brand, a hobby knife sports a small, kiridashi-esque replaceable blade attached to a thin, elongated handle that has more in common with a pen body tube than any traditional knife handle. The name is spot-on: hobby knives are typically used in arts and crafts, model building, and other creative pursuits where the need for a very detail-oriented cutting tool can arise.

All the included kit

Obviously, the Quick Snip does things very differently in the handle department (we’ll get to that below), but in terms of size and shape its replaceable blades are clearly in the hobby knife tradition. That being said, the blades included with the Quick Snip used a circular hole to attach to the handle, which may mean that standard, off-the-shelf replacement blades (typically made with oval-shaped attachment points) won’t work. In either case, three replacement blades are included with the Quick Snip right out of the box.

The handle itself, rather than being long and linear, is compact and ring-shaped. The standard hobby knife isn’t really meant to be taken away from the craft table, but the Quick Snip is meant to be carried out and about – specifically, it has been designed as a neck knife, and it comes with a beaded chain that loops through its sheath. In that role, the Quick Snip is about as light as it comes; Civivi lists the weight as .14 oz.

This one will be available in June.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Quick Snip

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