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Guns of a Conflict: The Battle of Mogadishu

The Battle of Mogadishu, also known as the Black Hawk Down incident, is a pivotal event in modern military history that took place in Somalia on October 3-4, 1993.  This battle, part of Operation Gothic Serpent, was a mission aimed at capturing key lieutenants of Somali warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid. As U.S. and coalition forces found themselves in an unexpected and intense firefight, they relied on a range of firearms and equipment to navigate the urban warfare environment.

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To understand the Battle of Mogadishu, it’s essential to grasp the broader context. Somalia had descended into chaos in the early 1990s, with famine, civil war, and lawlessness plaguing the country. The United Nations, backed by the United States, initiated a humanitarian intervention mission in 1992 to provide aid and restore order. However, the situation rapidly escalated, particularly due to the resistance posed by factions, including Mohamed Farrah Aidid’s militia, to the UN’s efforts. Operation Gothic Serpent aimed to capture or neutralize Aidid’s key advisers and reduce his influence in Mogadishu.

Firearms Used in the Battle

The Battle of Mogadishu saw a variety of firearms and equipment in use by U.S. and coalition forces. These weapons were critical in the intense urban warfare environment they faced. Some of the primary firearms used during the battle included:

M16A2 Rifle

The standard-issue rifle for U.S. infantry at the time, the M16A2 was chambered in 5.56mm NATO and featured a selective fire mode (semi-automatic and burst). Its accuracy, reliability, and range made it a dependable choice for U.S. Army Rangers.

American and U.N. soldiers patrol Oct. 13, 1993, in southern Mogadishu, Somalia. (Hocine Zaourar/AFP/Getty Images)

M4 Carbine

A compact version of the M16, the M4 Carbine was also widely used by American forces in the Battle of Mogadishu. Its shorter barrel and collapsible stock made it more maneuverable in close-quarters combat, which was prevalent in the urban environment of Mogadishu.

Norman Hooten (bottom right) pictured with other special operations soldiers in Somalia.

M1911 Pistol

The venerable M1911 .45 ACP pistol was a sidearm commonly carried by officers and non-commissioned officers during the battle. It offered stopping power and reliability.

M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)

The M249 SAW is a belt-fed light machine gun chambered in 5.56mm NATO. It provided sustained automatic fire and was a valuable asset for suppressing enemy positions during the battle.

Three homeward-bound U.S. Army Rangers carry their bags and M-16 rifles toward a military transport plane at Mogadishu International Airport on Oct. 21, 1993, for the withdrawal from Somalia. (Hocine Zaourar/AFP/Getty Images)


M60 Machine Gun

The M60, a belt-fed machine gun chambered in 7.62mm NATO, was used by some U.S. forces for its heavier firepower and penetration capability, though it was less common than the M249.

A Somali man sits back and smokes Aug. 31, 1993, as a U.S. soldier guards the front gate of a garage that was being searched for arms. (Alexander Joe/AFP via Getty Images)


The CAR-15 is a compact rifle chambered in 5.56mm NATO. It was used by some Delta Force operators for its compact size and versatility in urban combat situations.

A Delta Force operator with a CAR-15 is seen in the foreground of this picture (DoD Photo by Staff Sergeant Dean W. Wagner)


The enemy forces in Mogadishu often used RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenade launchers. These weapons posed a significant threat to U.S. vehicles and personnel, as they could penetrate armored vehicles and create havoc in the narrow streets.

Islamists fighting a civil war in Somalia have come up with a new way to find young new recruits. To stir up interest, they have reportedly resorted to using games, offering automatic weapons, hand grenades and cash as prizes to children who call in to take part in the fun. – Spegel


PKM Machine Gun

Somali militia fighters used the Soviet-designed PKM, a belt-fed machine gun chambered in 7.62x54mmR, which could deliver sustained automatic fire and suppress enemy positions effectively.


The ubiquitous AK-47 assault rifle was widely used by Somali militiamen. Its reputation for reliability and robustness made it a popular choice among insurgent forces worldwide.

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