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Introducing the XOF Industries E.R.R (Extended Rifle Rail)

PRS shooters demand a lot out of their gear and a lot of the time that gear is extremely specialized. With that in mind, a new company, XOF Industries, is excited to announce the launch of not only their company but also their first product specifically designed for precision rifle shooters – the XOF E.R.R. or Extended Rifle Rail. This long section of aluminum Arca-Swiss compatible rail is designed to fit virtually any flat-bottomed tactical and hunting rifle stocks.

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Introducing the XOF Industries E.R.R (Extended Rifle Rail)

Introducing the XOF Industries E.R.R (Extended Rifle Rail)

The E.R.R from the very beginning was designed to give composite rifle stock shooters an Arca rail comparable in length to that of most rifle chassis. It’s designed to be as universal as possible. able to fit most flat-bottomed tactical/hunting stocks.

A unique feature is the end user is able to skim bed the rail to the front contour of a given stock with any type of epoxy putty, forming a mechanical bond with the features machined into the rail, giving the rail a perfect fit that distributes stress forces more evenly.

This rail will give you more flexibility in tackling those challenging obstacles at a match, or with the bipod at the furthest extent forward, giving you the greatest stability possible.

At XOF Industries we are sure this rail will help you get the most out of your rifle.

Notable Features

  • Precision machined from Billet 6061
  • Utilizes structural truss pocketing for light weight and rigidity 
  • Optional hardware includes standard composite stock 1/4-20 anchors or 1/4-20 T-nut for T-nut channel equipped stocks
  • Four finishes available:
    • Bead Blasted Raw Aluminum
    • Type III Black Hard Anodizing
    • FDE Cerakote
    • OD Green Cerakote is powered by Gunrodeo, a Pro 2A website and Ecommerce builder

Introducing the XOF Industries E.R.R (Extended Rifle Rail)

The Extended Rifle Rail is currently available for pre-order from the XOF Industries website starting at a lower-end price of $139.99 for the bead blasted version and $164.99 for the OD and Coyote Brown Cerakote options. For more information or to see a list of available options for the XOF ERR and other PRS resources and reference material, you can visit

Introducing the XOF Industries E.R.R (Extended Rifle Rail)

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