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KE Arms 20 WWSD Complete Uppers and Rifles Now Available

KE Arms has just announced the introduction of the new 20 Inch WWSD Complete Upper. This new upper configuration combines a lot of the same aspects you’d find in the 16″ version, but with a barrel length that really gives the 5.56 NATO cartridge some extra legs. The new configuration is centered around a 20-inch Ballistic Advantage lightweight Modern Series barrel but also comes complete with a lot of the neat lightweight features people loved from the original WWSD project. Or, if you’d prefer, as a complete rifle.

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KE Arms 20 WWSD Complete Uppers and Rifles Now Available

The KE-15 Slick Side forged flat top complete upper receiver is precision machined from 7075-T6 forgings to MilSpec standards, made to fit all M16/M4 rifles and carbines. Featuring USGI type T marked top, making it easy to remount any of your tactical accessories. Milspec type III hard anodized and ready to be assembled with your choice of components.

20″  Rifle Gas System 5.56mm NATO Ballistic Advantage lightweight Modern Series 1:7 Twist.  A2 flash hider installed with crush washer.

Semi-Auto/ Full Auto M16 Complete bolt carrier group made by Young Manufacturing Inc. using MILSPEC quality steel on our in-house CNC machines. All carriers are then heat-treated, hard-chromed and each carrier is chrome-lined in the bolt throat.

– Standard MIL-SPEC carrier with additional care taken during machining process

– Sharp edges and rough finishes eliminated. Will NOT shred fingers and operates smoothly

– Hard chromed after heat treatment

– Made of same steel and using same processes as our National Match but to standard MILSPEC design

– The HMB Bolt by HM Defense eliminates the pass through cam pin hole and replaces it with a cam pin socket and radiused cam pin design. The new patented design eliminates the natural weak point of Mil-Spec bolts by significantly increasing the amount of metal (and strength) at the cam pin location. The result- NO MORE BROKEN BOLTS! The HMB Bolt also reduces contact between cam pin and firing pin, enabling smoother operation of firing pin, bolt lugs and aft gas rings. The new cam pin socket also retains lubrication for extended operations.

– Also includes our recoil lug supported gas key

Breek Ambidextrous Charging Handle
15″ Carbon Fiber Rail System,
– 8 MLOK slots on 7 sides, and 5 MLOK slots on the top

Weight 3.8 Pounds

KE Arms 20 WWSD Complete Uppers and Rifles Now Available

The longer barrel length obviously ups the weight of the entire WWSD project, but I think the new 20″ WWSD upper configuration when combined with the already somewhat retro looking monolithic lower should make for an even better-looking modernized future-Stoner concept rifle. These new uppers are currently available directly from the KE Arms website for a price of $1,099.95, or complete rifles starting at $1,799.95. Customers can take 15% off items not already discounted with code “2A4ALL” at checkout.  For more information, you can visit

KE Arms 20 WWSD Complete Uppers and Rifles Now Available

Now available direct from KE Arms, the WWSD Rifle is built to order and thus can be customized to the end users preferences with regards to features and finish.

The What Would Stoner Do (WWSD) Rifle is based on InRangeTV’s series of videos that asked, “What would Eugene Stoner, the creator of the AR-15, do today if he had access to modern manufacturing and materials?” The WWSD is InRangeTV’s solution to that question. Built by KE Arms, the rifle factors in lightweight materials, streamlined features and a reliable operating system.

The heart of the WWSD is the KP-15 Polymer Lower Receiver. The lower is lightweight and robust, with an integral buttstock, that is designed from the ground up to integrate with the lower and be molded out of polymer. The included RTS-1 Rekluse sear link technology provides a crisp, lightweight trigger pull. The Rekluse allows the user to put the firearm on safe regardless of hammer position. The Rekluse features a full power hammer spring for reliability with hard primers. Only found on the WWSD KP-15 lowers, are the PDQ ambidextrous bolt release. In the buttstock, you’ll find a JP Silent Capture Spring System that provides reliable function. The buttpad on the WWSD features a trapdoor for storing cleaning supplies or tools.

Like the Lower Receiver, the Upper half is designed to be lightweight and supremely rugged. The carbon fiber handguards allow for MLOK attachment on all sides. The 16 inch pencil mid-length gas system barrel is capped by am A2 Flash Hider. The included Young Manufacturing Bolt Carrier Group with HM Defense/HMB Patent bolt features a slick chrome finish, providing smooth function and ease of cleaning (note the bolt, carrier, and carrier key are chromed; the extractor and cam pin are not). The upper receiver does not include the unnecessary forward assist, saving weight and removing a potential point of failure. Included ambidextrous charging handle makes operation of the WWSD in a variety of positions simple and straightforward.

The WWSD Rifle from InRangeTV and KE Arms, the answer to what Eugene Stoner would do today.

Notable Components

  • Barrel-Ballistic Advantage Modern Series lightweight 20″ rifle gas system 1:7
  • Twist 5.56mm NATO with Pinned Gas Block
  • Charging Handle: Breek Ambi Charging Handle
  • Includes 1 Gen 3 PMAG

Cerakote Options are all done to order by Pro 2 Customs.  If you want to customize further by substituting one of the colors in a pattern, just contact them with your KE Arms order number and they can make it happen.

KE Arms 20 WWSD Complete Uppers and Rifles Now Available

KE Arms 20 WWSD Complete Uppers and Rifles Now Available

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