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Magne-Tech Magnetic Magazine Coupling Set

As the company’s name implies, Magne-Tech is specialized in designing firearm accessories that use magnets. Earlier we published an article about their magnetic accessory mounting system. Today we’ll take a look at a new product by Magne-Tech, the Magnetic Magazine Coupling Set.

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Magne-Tech Magnetic Magazine Coupling Set (4)

Magne-Tech Magnetic Magazine Coupling Set consists of male and female parts that contain magnets and are installed on rifle magazines via 3M VHB double-sided tapes. The magazines then can be coupled either with the same or opposite follower/baseplate orientation. The clamping force of the magnets is 20 lbs.

Magne-Tech Magnetic Magazine Coupling Set (3)

Magne-Tech couplers are compatible with 223/5.56 AR-15 magazines of 30-round or larger capacity. I guess that’s because as seen in the pictures, the coupler parts are quite long (must be about 3.6″ which is the length of the provided 3M tapes), and on shorter magazines, they would extend over the portion that goes into the magwell. Also, with these couplers, the coupled magazines look to have about the same height. If you prefer the right magazine of the coupled pair to sit lower, I suppose that would be possible only if the left magazine is longer than a standard 30-rounder.

Magne-Tech Magnetic Magazine Coupling Set (2)

The MSRP of the Magne-Tech Magnetic Magazine Coupling Set is $39.99.

Magne-Tech Magnetic Magazine Coupling Set (5)

Some of the concerns of using magnets in firearm accessories are that magnets attract dirt and debris as well as tend to stick to other pieces of gear. I assume, in this case, it may not be an issue when the magazines are coupled and the magnets are not exposed. Let us know in the comments section what you think about the Magne-Tech Magnetic Magazine Coupling Set. Do you see any issues or advantages compared to regular non-magnetic magazine couplers?

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