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Matrix Arms MXI Steel Frame Glockoid Pistol

Matrix Arms entered the handgun market about a year ago with the release of their MX19 line of Glock 19 parts-compatible pistols. The main feature that sets the MX19 pistols apart from other handguns on the market that use G19 parts is the machined aluminum frame. The company has just announced a new competition version of their MX series of handguns called Matrix Arms MXI which is a Glock 34 size pistol that also has a metal frame, except made of steel.

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Matrix Arms MXI Invictus (1)

The frame of the Matrix Arms MXI pistol is CNC machined out of a solid block of 1018 steel and is available in Sky Chrome or Black Chrome finish options. The frame features a 1911 grip angle, a built-in polymer buffer, and reduced beavertail for a higher grip. The pistol is compatible with G34 Gen5 barrels, G34 Gen3 slides, G17 magazines and most G17/34 frame parts. The polymer grip is hand stippled and is available in black, tan, green, gray, orange, and brown color options. The overall weight of the Matrix Arms MXI pistol is 39-40 oz.

Matrix Arms MXI Invictus (1)

Matrix Arms MXI pistol is currently offered with the company’s 5.3″ match grade G34 9x19mm barrels and 416R stainless steel Enigma slides only. The pistol also comes with a Timney Alpha trigger, Trijicon iron sights, and the slide is cut for Trijicon RMR footprint red dot sights.

Matrix Arms MXI Invictus (3)

The MSRP of Matrix Arms MXI pistol varies from $2,160 to $2,790 depending on the chosen options. The company notes that MXI pistols will be made in limited quantities and long lead times are expected. Matrix Arms MXI pistols are made in the USA and are covered by a lifetime warranty.

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