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MDT Updates the HNT26 Chassis to Accept Rem 700 Medium Actions

MDT is introducing a slight addition to its successful HNT26 Chassis system, designed to accommodate Remington 700-based medium actions. This expansion enhances the versatility of MDT’s offerings for hunters, specifically those hunting with medium action rifles which can take advantage of bullets with higher ballistic coefficients that excel at long-range hunting applications. The HNT26 chassis is tailor-made for hunting, emphasizing lightweight construction, premium materials, and compatibility with AICS magazines. It provides hunters with a reliable and adaptable rig that suits their unique requirements in the field.

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MDT Updates the HNT26 Chassis to Accept Rem 700 Medium Actions

MDT Updates the HNT26 Chassis to Accept Rem 700 Medium Actions

MDT Sporting Goods Ltd. is thrilled to announce the expansion of its HNT26 Chassis System, now available for Remington 700 Based Medium Actions. Building on the success of the original HNT26 Chassis System, this new offering continues MDT’s tradition of delivering top-tier, purpose-built hunting chassis to the shooting community.

MDT Updates the HNT26 Chassis to Accept Rem 700 Medium Actions

While this specific chassis system is intended for hunters, MDT also offers a load of other chassis systems that are a bit more versatile. The HNT26 is available with either a standard or ARCA fore-end, as well as a folding or fixed buttstock option. The new fit will be compatible with Zermatt, Lone Peak, and Defiance XM Plus medium actions and is priced at $1.399.95 and available for purchase now. For more information on the HNT26 chassis system, you can visit this link here.

MDT Updates the HNT26 Chassis to Accept Rem 700 Medium Actions

Key Features:

  • Purpose-Built for Hunting: The HNT26 Chassis System is MDT’s first chassis specifically designed for hunting, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and lightweight design.
  • Ultra-Lightweight: Weighing in starting at 26oz (for chassis stock, buttstock, forend, and pistol grip combined), the HNT26 stands as one of the most ultra-light hunting rifle chassis on the market.
  • High-Quality Materials: Constructed from a magnesium alloy base with carbon fiber components, the HNT26 offers durability without compromising on weight.
  • Advanced Design: Features include a foam-filled carbon fiber buttstock for reduced felt recoil, a carbon fiber forend with an optional integral ARCA rail, and a seamless magazine latch integrated into the trigger guard.
  • AICS Magazine Compatibility: The chassis is designed to work flawlessly with AICS magazines, ensuring smooth and reliable feeding.

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