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New DCR (Danger Close Reticle) For EOTECH HWS

EOTECH just announced a new Optics Planet exclusive HWS with a new reticle. The DCR or Danger Close Reticle is a modified EOTECH HWS reticle and comes in the EOTECH OPMOD EXPS2-DCR.


The DCR is a modified version of the iconic donut of death HWS reticle.


Photo by EOTECH

The DCR provides reliable speed on target with a modified outer ring that gets you on target fast, and a 1MOA aiming dot for precision at distance. The DCR includes an easy-to-see chevron aiming point at the bottom of the reticle for uncomfortably close engagements or indoor environments. The chevron point equates to a 7 yard zero on most AR platforms. The DCR is offered in the EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight and is currently an exclusive offering through Optics Planet.

It is a little odd that the top of the circle is missing. But as some have pointed out online, there is not much need for that segment. The only case use I can think of is for ranging but the DCR is not really for long-range use. While you can still engage targets with the 1 MOA dot and a magnifier, I do not think you need to range a person at 100 yards that often.

Photo by EOTECH

Photo by EOTECH

Right now the EXPS2-DCR is on sale for $669.99 on Optics Planet’s website.  What do you think of the Danger Close Reticle for close-range use? 7 yards is awfully close and the regular HWS reticle works just fine. Do you think the open circle will help you get on target faster? As the old folks say “If it isn’t broken don’t fix it”. It is an interesting concept but I think there are better reticle options out there.

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