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New Hybrid Black Leather Holsters from Mission First Tactical

Mission First Tactical (MFT) proudly presents the Hybrid Black Leather line. The Black Leather Hybrid holsters blend the precision and security of Kydex-style holsters with the unparalleled comfort and style of genuine American full-grain leather. Whether you’re an everyday carrier, law enforcement professional, or military personnel, these holsters are attempting to offer the perfect combination of form and function. The new Black Leather Hybrid holsters are versatile, being able to be carried AIWB, IWB, or even OWB depending on your carry preferences, and will be available from the start for both left and right-handed shooters and will feature adjustable retention.

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New Hybrid Black Leather Holsters from Mission First Tactical

Horsham, PA – (June 5th, 2023) – Mission First Tactical (MFT) manufacturers of state-of-the-art, USA made rifle/carbine accessories and holsters, is proud to announce the new Black Leather Hybrid line of holsters including: Appendix Inside Waistband (AIWB), Inside Waistband (IWB) and Outside Waistband (OWB) holsters.  

The holster you choose to carry every day should be the best of both worlds; functional and comfortable. These Kydex®-style holsters are fused with genuine American full-grain leather and are the perfect everyday-carry holsters. With these Kydex®-style holsters you get the benefit of exact tolerances, secure retention and easy re-holstering with all of leather’s comfort, style and feel. With the Kydex®-style holster, there is no break-in time required as compared to other traditional leather holsters and you will benefit from a much longer service life. To see more about the Leather Hybrid holsters CLICK HERE

These versatile AIWB, IWB, or OWB holsters are capable of use both in right and left-hand positioning, outside your waist band, inside your waistband or appendix carry. Each holster is made to precise tolerances and tailored for each model of handgun using the most advanced techniques and materials. Adjustable retention and the famous, audible “CLICK” makes each draw and re-holster smooth and secure. All models come standard with a 1.5” belt clip. Visit the Website!

New Hybrid Black Leather Holsters from Mission First Tactical

New Hybrid Black Leather Holsters from Mission First Tactical

Mission First Tactical’s Hybrid Leather holsters in black will start pricing at the same point as the more traditional-looking brown offerings at just $69.99. Options include adjustable cant between 0 and 15 degrees, a 1.5″ belt clip, ambidextrous hole patterns for right or left-handed carry, RMR reflex sight compatibility, sight track compatibility with suppressor height sights, and hand molding, trimming and assembling right here in the United States of America. For more information and to see a complete list of fitments, you can visit

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