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North Forest Arms DUAL PICTURE Pistol Night Sights

North Forest Arms, a company located in Burlington, NC, makes interesting pistol night sights called Dual Picture sights. The rear sight of Dual Picture sights is a large aperture with a notch cut on top and tritium dots on its sides. The front sight houses a tritium dot and has a top extension matching the cutout in the rear sight. This design is advertised to provide both precise aiming and high speed of sight picture acquisition. Let’s see how it works.

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North Forest Arms DUAL PICTURE Pistol Night Sights (1)

The patented NFA Dual Picture gun sights are designed to answer an unfulfilled need in the sight market. A sight that would deliver extreme precision and speed no matter the circumstances. Near or far, day or night, high or low stress, these sights are made to work in harmony with the human eye to give the best fast and precise visual alignment on the target.

North Forest Arms DUAL PICTURE Pistol Night Sights (2)

The aperture, its side tritium dots and the front sight tritium bead are designed to allow quick ghost ring and 3-dot sight picture acquisition for a fast engagement in a defensive situation. If a more precise shot must be placed, the notch of the rear sight aperture and the top extension of the front sight must be used as open sights. So you have two iron sight systems built into one, hence the name Dual Picture.

North Forest Arms DUAL PICTURE Pistol Night Sights (2)

North Forest Arms Dual Picture sights are made of steel with a black oxide finish. These sights are currently available for Glock pistols (all models excluding the slimline and MOS pistols) and handguns compatible with Glock iron sights. The MSRP of North Forest Arms Dual Picture sights is $149.95 and they’re available in white or orange color options of the ring around the front sight tritium insert. The NFA Dual Picture sights are designed and manufactured in the USA.

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