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POTD: Finnish Military Shooting Championships

There’s so much you can learn and pick up, just by checking TFB’s Photo Of The Day every day. Apart from excellent images, like the one above with a single case frozen in time, we always accompany the images with some information and knowledge. It’s nice to see a Military Shooting Championship with a “back to basics” theme, major recoil from a 7.62 mm and iron sights.

Here’s the caption (auto-translated):

Shooting soldiers’ championship competitions 23 measured the skills of about 100 participants (conscripts & staff) today in Hollola, Hälvälä and Vekaranjärvi.
– After a break of a few years, the military shooting championships were able to start. Today we have competed in Hollola’s Hälvälä and Kouvola’s Vekaranjärvi in the Karelia brigade. Today in the sports, 300 meters are shot with a rifle (3x20ls), 25 m with a pistol and an assault rifle (6+6+6) in the personnel series. And in the conscript series, we still shoot from the prone position in the standard rifle series (20ls). In Vekaranjärvi, there was shooting today in the conscript series with an assault rifle (6+6+6), says Marko Leppä, the technical director of the competition.


Image source: Finnish Army

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