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POTD: Ghana Armed Forces Clear A Ship

The world is hungry for visual storytelling, and TFB’s Photo Of The Day does its best to keep the feed live. What made you click to see more is probably the picture above, where a member of the Ghana Armed Forces holds his position while other team members climb up a ladder (note the grappling hook) during the Flintlock exercise held in Volta, Ghana, on March 2023. Both these handguns (above and below) look like mock-ups, don’t you agree?

Below: a member of the Morocco Armed Forces checking around a corner while clearing a ship. Flintlock is U.S. Africa Command’s premier and largest annual special operations exercise that strengthens key partner nations throughout Africa, in partnership with other international special operations forces.

Below: A member of Nigeria’s Armed Forces climbs a ladder during hook-and-climb drills.

(U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Charles Brock)

Below: IWI Tavors in action. Members of Cote D’Ivoire Armed Forces practice movements before conducting raids on a naval ship.

Below: Members of Cabo Verdean Armed Forces perform hook and ladder drills during maritime operations.

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Source: U.S. Army, photo by Staff Sgt. Charles Brock, Special Operations Command Africa

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