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POTD: Mexican Colt 6929 and Smith & Wesson Model 10

Because Mexico is the answer! The Photo Of The Day can be chosen for a variety of reasons, and now you know why. There have been a lot of Netflix movies about Mexico in my life over the past few years, but you rarely see how the Mexican Police are armed. These photos could have given us a clue, but fate wanted something else, just read the caption below. I also learned that the Colt 6929 is said to have an extremely high-quality barrel.

Cinematic Arms (Filming and snapping shots of anything and everything that goes bang) wrote:

Mexican Colt 6929 and Smith & Wesson Model 10. These guns were intended to be sold to Mexican army the rumor is is that they ordered a large number but could not fulfill it when they came in. The items where then returned and then sold on the commercial market.

What do you think about these guns? Do you think they’re worth collecting?

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