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POTD: PGM Précision – French Gunmaking

Welcome to our Photo Of The Day! Each day, we feature a stunning photograph that captures the beauty and diversity of our world. For the features image, we made sure to choose the suppressed version of this PGM Précision rifle.

Here’s what PGM Précision wrote:

PGM Précision, worthy successor of the French gunmaking tradition.

Today the last French manufacturer of sniper rifles, PGM has been perpetuating French gunmaking expertise for over 30 years. From the creation of the first Ultima Ratio, in 1991, to the release of its new generation, in 2022, PGM Précision is proud to represent the heritage and the excellence of French gunsmithing in more than 60 countries around the world.

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Here are a bunch of more alternatives. Note the S&B 5-20x PMII Ultra Short riflescope.

And the whole collection in one image:

My own favorite? My vote goes to their Integrally Suppressed Ultima Ratio, represented in the link with a wonderful photo, as the bullet and gasses leave the barrel.

Source: PGM Précision


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