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POTD: Pulsar Thermion DUO DXP50 Multispectral Riflescope

The Ruger Precision rifle is a great host for various optics. In this Photo Of The Day, it’s carrying the brand new Pulsar Thermion DUO DXP50. So what’s so cool about this digital optic? It looks like a normal riflescope, but it combines a 4K daylight camera with a powerful thermal sensor.

This means that you can use it as a normal daytime riflescope, except it’s digital so you can change reticles, settings and so forth. You don’t quite reach the ZCO or Schmidt & Bender kind of optical quality, but the 4K camera takes you quite a long way. There’s also a 640x thermal sensor, made by Lynred, ready to help you as the sun is setting.

It’s in the name: DUO. It means you can switch between, or combine these channels, using Picture-In-Picture either way.

For instance, you can scan a field or a mountain with the 4K day camera, and have the thermal in PiP, and you’ll be able to spot hidden animals. Note that this is not an active Night Vision / IR device, and that the 4K is a day camera only.

Below you can also see the efficency of the Concamo Ghosthood.

Here’s an image from the DUO, taken really close to a pig. You can see the hunting dog behind. The PiP is the 4K camera, but it’s all a little too close perhaps.

This video gives you an idea of how it works. About a minute into the video, you can see people walking with “wild” (caged) boar, and it’s pretty cool as they disappear into the forest you can still see them really well with the thermal.

Yup, the Pulsar Thermion DUO DXP50 is up for a review.

Photos by the author.

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