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POTD: Spanish Heckler & Koch G36E

(U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Charles Brock)

One of the purposes of TFB’s Photo Of The Day is to broaden the audience for the excellent work done by professionals from combat photography to still and action photography of firearms. A perfect picture may take everything between a split second to months of planning, and it would be sad to see that kind of work go unnoticed. Above you see a Spanish mentor for the Cabo Verde Armed Forces, as he leads weapons training during the exercise Flintlock in Volta, Ghana, 2023. The G36E is painted to blend in.

Below you see another G36E which looks like it was taken out of the delivery box just minutes ago.

Spanish Heckler & Koch HK G36E

Below: A Cabo Verde service member conducts weapons training.

A Cabo Verde Armed Forces member takes aim at a target during a range event for Flintlock in Volta, Ghana, March 7, 2023. The U.S. Department of Defense leverages military exercises such as Flintlock to train, equip, assist, and advise partner nations through activities including, but not limited to: military information sharing; communications systems interoperability; joint, combined, and multinational exercises enhancing cooperation; countering extremist ideology; sustaining regional operations; and building upon mutual military professionalism and accountability.

Below: A Spanish mentor for the Cabo Verde Armed Forces.

Below: A Cabo Verde Armed Forces member evaluates his shot group.

Members from Spanish Armed Forces provide a weapons demonstration to Cabo Verde forces.

Source: U.S. Army, photo by Staff Sgt. Charles Brock.

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