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POTD: Spuhr’s Prototype AR15 Upper

A new dawn, new possibilities and another Photo Of The Day with a highly interesting take on the AR15. Here is the caption from Spuhr in Sweden about their prototype AR15 upper with Spuhr handguard:

A prototype AR15 upper with Spuhr handguard and the new 40 degree accesory mount for 5 o’clock mounting. The angeled mount is A-0227 and the aimpoint interface is A-0228.

Almost any Spuhr interface can be mounted on the angeled mount so if you prefer ACRO, RMR, Doktor, Shield or whatever you are covered!

The prototype upper is seriously increased in stability so it’s way less prone for POI shifts due to various preassure on forend. It’s also about 1” extended and that makes optics mounting way easyer.

I use a similar setup on my competition rifles, and it works really well to shift between the Low Power Variable Optic and the red dot, and back again.

What do you think about the design?

Do you experience POI shifts when you apply force on your handguard?

I think this is a rather expensive firearm, due to all the machining time involved. Would you be interested in buying one?

Read the full article here

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