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[SHOT 2024] Alpha Foxtrot AF349C: Coming This Spring

Coming this spring, Georgia-based company Alpha Foxtrot is set to launch its new semi-auto pistol, the 7075-T6 aluminum-framed 9mm AF349C. Foreshadowing to hit the market by May 2024, the AF349C promises a ride on a new wave of progressive gun-making technology and a stride on Alpha Foxtrot’s track of innovative craftsmanship.

Hailed for its compatibility with third-generation Glock G43 slide components, the AF349C paves a way that is easy and comfortable for users. The frame-mounted lower Picatinny rail, a standard offering, not only enhances the overall look but also simplifies modifications for end users. The meticulously machined thumb and index finger recesses are not just for visual appeal but also endow users with better control of the pistol.

Built to last and built to impress, the AF349C’s barrel and slide are forged from 416R stainless steel, known for its corrosion resistance properties, and dual-heat-treated for better durability. Sporting a black polished diamond-like carbon coating, the AF349C doesn’t compromise on the aesthetics front and promises durability.

True to the ethos of conforming to customer needs and requirements, the AF349C comes with an option of with or without the threaded barrel suppressor-height sights and an optics cutout. This not only provides customization options but also reiterates Alpha Foxtrot’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

With a barrel length of 3.4 inches, the AF349C offers a 6+1 capacity. Weighing in at just about 1.1 lb, it is an impressively light firearm that doesn’t compromise on its performance.

Made in Georgia, the AF349C is a symbol of fine American craftsmanship and superior design that Alpha Foxtrot is known for. The release of the AF349C adds to a growing list of innovative products from the company flagging its position as a front-runner in the realm of firearms technology.

Remember, this spring, when considering a firearm that suits both novices and experts, the Alpha Foxtrot AF349C is primed for the competition, ready to be in the hands of the deserving.

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