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[SHOT 2024] Axil X-PRO Innovative Passive Hearing Tech

[SHOT 2024] Axil Introduces Innovative Passive Hearing Tech

In a bold move pushing the boundaries of passive hearing technology, Axil, a leading innovator in the hearing aid industry, is set to introduce the X-Pro system: a new earbud that maintains ambient noise while filtering louder noise over the 85-decibel limit, all without the aid of electronics.

[SHOT 2024] Axil X-PRO Innovative Passive Hearing Tech

The X-Pro device employs ingenious mechanical innovation in maintaining its functionality. Inside each earbud is a mechanical valve designed to react to noise levels over 85 decibels. When in contact with loud noises exceeding this limit, the valve instinctively expands, effectively blocking the path of sound to the auditory canal. This innovation can reduce volume inputs by 10-18 decibels, which can significantly limit potential ear damage without disrupting general sound intake.

What sets the X-Pro system apart is its entirely mechanical function. For users, this spells the absence of batteries which can be both a hassle for constant recharging and an additional expense for replacement. It offers a practical approach to noise management while maintaining aural engagement with the environment.

[SHOT 2024] Axil Introduces Innovative Passive Hearing Tech

[SHOT 2024] Axil Introduces Innovative Passive Hearing Tech

Axil plans to bring this revolutionary solution to consumers at an accessible price point, with the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) expected to be around $25 to $30. The product will become available through dealers, retail channels, and direct purchases through Axil.

Company representatives have spoken about the task of catering to average shooters. “These earplugs were made to be affordable enough for average shooters,” an Axil spokesperson said, underscoring their goal to reach a broad user demographic with the innovative technology offering.

The release of the X-Pro system is slated for March. However, ANSI testing processes that aim to ensure compliance with safety standards may cause a delay of a few weeks. Regardless, the product is much anticipated and is expected to marshal a new era of passive hearing technology once it hits the market.

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