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[SHOT 2024] Benelli Puts Its Advanced Impact Barrels On Sporter Shotguns

Benelli, an eminent name in the shotgun world, is adapting its Advanced Impact barrel technology to three of its offerings, claiming that re-profiling of the barrel and choke will result in shot speed enhancements and increased down-range shot string tightness.

Amalgamated in the models Cordoba, priced at $3,649, Ethos Sport, priced at $3,339 and the Ethos Super Sport, priced at $3,399, this freshly introduced technology is projected to deliver harder-hitting terminal performance. Moreover, these barrels are slated to be part of the much-loved Super Black Eagle hunting shotgun lineup as early as next year.

The Advanced Impact barrels work in conjunction with new proprietary Crio choke tubes, which are being offered in standard as well as extended lengths.

[SHOT 2024] Benelli Puts Its Advanced Impact Barrels On Sporter Shotguns

With this advancement, Benelli aims to bolster the effectiveness of its Sporter Shotguns through significant shot speed and range enhancements. The market awaits with keen interest to discover how these improvements will reflect in the field, and whether they will substantiate Benelli’s optimistic prognostications. Nonetheless, this significant development in shotgun tech signifies an exciting step in the evolution of this long-standing and respected brand.

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