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[SHOT 2024] Civilian Warfighter Cerberus Light Technology

In response to a growing demand for less-lethal weapons technology, Civilian Warfighter is offering a novel approach – visual disruption. The company’s latest product, the Cerberus, is a non-lethal visual disruptor designed to emit maximum possible light that is still within legal limits; it is intended to stun and disorient a potential attacker without causing any permanent damage to their eyesight.

[SHOT 2024] Civilian Warfighter Cerberus Light Technology

The Cerberus uses the existing dazzler technology used by law enforcement and military groups, further refining it to create an intense blast of light from a combination of green and white LEDs. This disruptive light has two effects: first, it bewilders the target, impairing their ability to mount an effective attack. Second, it acts as an “escalation-of-force” tool. If a perpetrator persistently tries to attack after exposure to the light, it signals their intention to carry on despite the deterrent.

The device is available in two formats: a standalone light, and a version that can be mounted onto standard 1913 Picatinny rails on a weapon. The Cerberus itself weighs 3.61 ounces. Two batteries add an extra 1.26 ounces to the weight, while the packaging comes in at 3.23 ounces. The device’s maximum length is just over 3 inches, the main body height is approximately 1.695 inches, and the height to rail clearance is 1.8 inches. With the complete mount, the maximum height is 2.040 inches.

In terms of performance, the Cerberus can achieve the US Military J.N.L.W.P. level of “Compelling-Glare” that saturates the eyes and can be effective up to 20 meters. Beyond that, it can perform at the “Hail-Warning-Suppression” saturation level set by the US Department of Defense for distances greater than 20 meters.

Civilian Warfighter’s Cerberus serves as an innovative step forward in the realm of less-lethal weapons technology, aiming to neutralize threats without plunging into violent outcomes. It remains to be seen how the market responds to this blindingly simple take on deterrence and disruption.

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