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[SHOT 2024] Derya Shows New .22LR PCC, Plans New Centerfire Lever-Actions

At the SHOT Show 2024, attendees observed Turkish manufacturer Derya’s latest foray into the realm of personal defense and sport shooting with the display of their new .22LR firearm, based on the design of the Derya ZY9 SBR. This particular model has garnered attention largely due to its use of Glock-pattern magazines.

The presence of a .22LR in a platform traditionally reserved for larger calibers piqued the interest of many, driving discussions on whether it should be categorized as a pistol caliber carbine. Though specifics on this new firearm were not extensively detailed, the unveiling hints at future trends we may anticipate in the market, especially considering the burgeoning Turkish firearms industry. Observers noted the potential for these types of firearms to be more widely distributed by cost-conscious suppliers, if importation challenges tied to their unique classification can be successfully navigated.

[SHOT 2024] Derya Shows New .22LR PCC, Plans New Centerfire Lever-Actions

Additionally, Derya previewed forthcoming expansions to their lever-action lineup. Recalling the evolution of the TM22, their lever-action rimfire rifle, which originated from a .410 shotgun platform, the company is exploring the idea of integrating larger calibers into this versatile design. Preliminary talks include the possibility of launching a .22 Magnum version, followed by potential iterations chambered in .357 Magnum and 9x19mm calibers. The company’s representatives expressed confidence, alluding to the fact that the original lever-action’s compatibility with .410 bore shells lays a promising foundation for adapting similar bore size centerfire cartridges into the rifle’s mechanism. The anticipation is set for the next SHOT Show, where these innovations might be brought to the limelight.

For now, Derya’s current showcase offers a glimpse into the company’s strategic approach to firearms manufacturing, aiming to bridge the gap between traditional designs and modern shooting preferences, while also aligning their products with market affordability and legal compliance for international distribution.

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