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[SHOT 2024] Eartune Has New Custom Fit Offer

Adaptive hearing technology firm, Eartune, famed for its cutting-edge sound reduction tech that curbs noise above 85 dB, has introduced a new custom fit option to its suite of products. Making great strides in customizable hearing protection, the California-based company now offers earplugs tailored to the unique shapes of customers’ ears for a personalized fit.

[SHOT 2024] Eartune Has New Custom Fit Offer

Redefining their game in the hearing protection arena, Eartune’s custom fit option commences with a trip to a local audiologist. This initial stage involves creating a physical mold of the customer’s ear, a prototype that is dispatched to Eartune’s laboratory in California. Here, its specialists build a pair of 3D-printed earplugs that incorporate their renowned noise reduction technology. With the mold as the blueprint, the end product offers the comfort of a tailor-made fit, coupled with advanced noise regulation abilities. Customers can expect a turnaround time of approximately four weeks from the point Eartune receives the ear models.

Staff members at Earpro, who recognize the value and potential of Eartune’s technological strides, endorse the product, especially for those seeking a balance of situational awareness with sound protection. “This tech is ideal for anyone who wants situational awareness but hearing protection at the same time, as it allows you to hear ambient noise,” states a representative from Earpro.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the custom earplugs is the capability to limit excessive noise to a manageable 85 dB. In addition to their noise reduction prowess, they boast a robust battery life of approximately five hours, with further support provided by a charging case that holds three additional charges, each necessitating a recharge time spanning 1 to 1.5 hours.

However, quality and customization do not come cheap, with the price tag for this tailor-made hearing protection gadget set at $300. Despite the hefty expense, the new custom fit option from Eartune could be a sound investment for those who value hearing protection and personalized comfort.

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