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[SHOT 2024] Eley Introduces X-Shot Hardware

Renowned ammunition manufacturer Eley introduced at SHOT 2024 a game-changing development for the world of virtual marksmanship competitions – the X-Shot hardware. This new system is an innovative expansion on Eley’s popular X-Shot App and significantly upgrades the user experience for competitors all over the globe.

The X-Shot hardware is not a simple tool; it’s an integrated system that allows competitors to engage in a unique scoring process by using a camera to record single shots on targets with multiple bullseyes. The key feature of this system is its connectivity: the camera is connected to a Wi-Fi enabled hub that can connect up to five camera-type devices and relay scores back to a mobile device such as a phone via the X-Shot app.

However, the system’s capabilities extend far beyond individual use. The X-Shot hardware hub can display shots live on any connectivity-equipped screen, including televisions, making for a dynamic viewing experience. More so, the connectivity feature allows linking to other hubs globally. The potential for international competition is thus significantly expanded, offering opportunities for a shooting club in the U.S. to virtually compete with a club in Germany in real time – all thanks to the X-Shot technology. Competitors’ scores, which the system auto-detects, can be viewed across multiple connected devices, fostering a truly global, connected community of marksmen.

The X-Shot hardware embodies practicality and efficiency. It comes fully equipped with an internal battery, which is encased in a protective waterproof/dustproof shell. This large battery recharges smaller batteries in the connected cameras when inserted, ensuring uninterrupted competition. One camera is included in the X-Shot package, but users can purchase additional ones according to their needs.

This revolutionary hardware is slated for launch around May 10, 2024. As Eley’s staff put it, “We provide the platform, you provide the competition.” With this launch, the future of global virtual marksmanship competitions looks brighter and more promising.

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