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[SHOT 2024] Field Optics’ DomeTOP Tripods Lighten Your Load

In their aim at reducing the heavy load that hunters and shooters have to carry, Field Optics has innovatively redefined the design of tripods. With their new line – the Ranger DomeTOP tripods, Operator tripod, and Hunter tripod, they offer a much more compact structure, thereby lessening the burden of those out in the field.

One unique feature of these tripods is the placement of the tension adjustment knob. Instead of the conventional positioning, which is between the legs of the tripod, Field Optics has designed the knob to sit on top of the legs. This proprietary design significantly lessens the bulkiness of the tripod making it more manageable to carry.

Taking innovation a step further, Field Optics has designed the legs on these tripods to be detachable and fitted with handles. This characteristic enables hunters to repurpose the legs of the tripods as trekking poles, providing added functionality and convenience in the field.

For more intricate details on the products such as the weight, dimensions, model-by-model and option-by-option breakdown, one can visit Field Optics’ official website at

“Pack size is driving everything these days,” says Field Optics CEO Vince Warner, implicitly acknowledging the necessity for compact and lightweight equipment in the current landscape. The company’s commitment to ensuring convenient and efficient hunting and shooting experiences is clearly evident.

[SHOT 2024] Field Optics' DomeTOP Tripods Lighten Your Load

The Ranger DomeTOP tripods and Operator tripods are manufactured in the U.S, while the Hunter tripod, though utilizing the same technology, is an imported version. Irrespective of the product chosen, Field Optics ensures a range of choices for leg diameter and length, providing a more personalized preference for their customers.

And while these tripods are not available at dealers, interested customers can place a direct order through Field Optics. Not only does the company provide the simplicity and comfort of online shopping, but it also assures a quality product that caters to the evolving needs of hunters and shooters.

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