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[SHOT 2024] Gatorz Eyewear Upcoming Release – The Havok

Gatorz Eyewear, the creators of high-performing and stylish ballistically rated glasses, is all set to amaze its buyers with another potential hit. Gatorz has announced the introduction of a new eyewear model named “The Havok.” The release is slated for March, offering a six-SKU lineup, further expanding their stylish and functional portfolio.

The new Havok eyewear is designed with features similar to the brand’s well-loved Blastshield glasses. Subscribers of the brand will be pleased to know that the Havok glasses are ANSI-rated like the Blastshield offerings and boast the same quick-change lens system. The estimated selling price for the Havok glasses is around $180.

No compromises have been made when it comes to comfort and convenience. The Havok, like the Blastshield, comes with thin, flexible temples that comfortably fit under helmets, hats, and ear protectors. It’s an ideal pick for various outdoor activities like hunting and shooting. Plus, for military and law enforcement personnel, the convenient quick-change feature makes transitioning between changing weather conditions or day to night simpler.

Lauren and Larry of Gatorz Eyewear described it aptly, “They come in a protective case with slots for extra/different lenses and quick change just like our Blastshield. In a way, it’s a more style forward version.”

While the specifics of the Havok are still under wraps, there’s little doubt that Gatorz’s upcoming release will bring forth another impressive product marrying style, comfort, and superior functionality. As we gear up for the official launch, we keenly look forward to more news concerning lens options and other pivotal details.

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