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[SHOT 2024] Hasler Is Bringing Euro-Made Copper Bullet Line To The U.S.

Italian ammunition manufacturer, Hasler, has made the strategic decision to enter the United States market with its all-copper bullet line. Hasler, which also produces loaded ammunition, chose to initiate its U.S. operations solely with its projectile lineup, easing regulatory hurdles. The company’s product roster includes the Ariete, Bull, Hunting, Sport, and Long Range lines, all designed in a solid monolithic format, targeting both reloader consumers and the ammunition industry.

[SHOT 2024] Hasler Is Bringing Euro-Made Copper Bullet Line To The U.S.

Hasler’s entry marks another significant addition to the growing trend. A representative from Hasler stated that the company “only uses high-end components in its loaded ammunition, from partners like Norma.” This could potentially set the bar high for the quality and performance of Hasler’s ammunition provided to the U.S. market.

Hasler’s unique offering consists of all copper bullets targeting a wide market – from reloaded consumers to the ammunition industry. With that said, Hasler’s entry into the U.S. market comes at a time when similar products have gained significant traction. Nonetheless, its reputation for using high-quality components coupled with a diverse range of products may enable it to carve out a niche in this increasingly competitive industry.

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