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[SHOT 2024] Hogue Teases New Mini Pistol Accessory Light

At SHOT Show 2024, Hogue, a manufacturer specializing in firearm accessories, hinted at an innovative addition to their product lineup—a mini-flashlight designed for pistols. This forthcoming flashlight aims to offer a more compact lighting solution for firearms without the added bulk typical of larger, traditional units.

The distinctive feature of this mini-flashlight is its minimal battery life, intentionally designed for quick use with the capability of being recharged within the pistol’s holster. Hogue plans to integrate a larger battery within the holster that recharges the flashlight, similar to how AirPods charge within their case. This approach caters to the need for a lighter, more efficient lighting accessory on a firearm.

Currently, Hogue is in the final stages of perfecting the design with an expected release later in the year. The company’s representatives communicated that there has been a significant expression of interest from many individuals, especially law enforcement officers, who are keen on the practicality and innovation the product promises. They expressed that numerous officers have requested to be notified as soon as the product becomes available.

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