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[SHOT 2024] H&R Debuts M-16A2 LMG and DOE 9mm Prototypes

Harrington & Richardson, a company within the PSA family that specializes in retro AR rifles, recently showcased prototypes of two notable firearms drawing attention with its M-16A2 LMG and DOE 9mm submachine gun.

[SHOT 2024] H&R Debuts M-16A2 LMG and DOE 9mm Prototypes

The M-16A2 LMG prototype, also recognized historically as the Colt Automatic Rifle, embodies a modern clone of the classic design. The M-16A2 LMG carries historical relevance matched with present-day manufacturing. Integral to the firearm’s design, an incorporated bipod can be folded back and secured by the handguard. As of now, there is no announcement regarding the availability or pricing for this particular model.

Product specs:

  • Prototype of classic M-16A2 LMG
  • Integral bipod folds back
  • Handguard retains the bipod when not in use
  • No confirmed ETA or price

The second model, a recreation of the renowned Colt Department of Energy 9mm submachine gun, stood proudly among the new introductions. This clone honors the unique attributes of its predecessor, including a folding front sight and compatibility with Colt-pattern magazines. Though still in the prototype phase, Harrington & Richardson anticipates a summer release for this firearm. Specific details regarding the cost remain unconfirmed.

Product specs:

  • Clone of Colt Department of Energy 9mm submachine gun
  • Folding front sight
  • Uses Colt-pattern magazines
  • Expected release in the summer

Fans and followers of historical firearms will appreciate Harrington & Richardson’s efforts to bring classic designs to the modern market within the scope of their next scheduled releases. Keep an eye on updates for further information concerning availability and pricing as these prototypes progress towards their anticipated market launch.

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