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[SHOT 2024] Kahles Unveils Game Changer Scope

In a move sure to thrill long-range shooters, Kahles startled the industry with its launch of the new K328i scope at SHOT Show 2024. The K328i boasts features that showcase the company’s commitment to delivering quality, performance, and precision on the range.

The K328i, with a 3.5-28×50 configuration and a 36mm tube, provides flexibility and a wide range for shooting enthusiasts. The expansive main tube diameter allows for 34 milliradians of adjustment, showcasing the company’s strive for innovation and meticulous engineering that leaves no room for optical compromises.

The expanded field of view, one of the defining features of the scope stands 40% larger than Kahles’ previously acclaimed model, the K525i. This robust enhancement gives shooters a broader perspective on the range, augmenting sighting capabilities while maintaining high-resolution imagery.

Kahles offers this scope with the standard turrets or the DLR turrets to cater to the diverse preferences of shooting enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, the K328i scope is compact yet sturdy, with a length of 14.2 inches and a weight of 36.7 ounces. It has a generous exit pupil which spans from 7.4 to 1.81 mm, reinforcing precision while providing comfort for the users during long hours of target practice or competition.

Its eye relief stands at an ample 3.62 inches, while the field of view ranges from 42.9 at 3.5x to 5.4 at 28x at 100 yards, offering an unmatchable shooting experience.

This new Kahles scope is due to hit the market in March. With a price tag of $4,299, it represents a significant investment. Yet, considering Kahles’ reputation for superior quality and the formidable features packed into the K328i, it serves to affirm the axiom – you get what you pay for.

Thus, as SHOT Show 2024 continues to roll out surprises, Kahles set the bar high with the introduction of its new scope, a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to fulfilling the evolving needs of the shooting community.

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