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[SHOT 2024] Mossberg Displays Thunder Ranch Shotguns

At SHOT Show 2024, prominent firearms manufacturer Mossberg unveiled two new additions to their shotgun lineup, the 940 Thunder Ranch and 590 Thunder Ranch. Both models share core features, combining a sharp aesthetic with impressive functionality, seamlessly matching sleek aesthetics with practicality.


Strikingly coated in an OG Green Cerakote finish, both the 940 and 590 models boast a resilient 19.5-inch cylinder bore barrel, ensuring optimal performance for potential users. Similarly, both models host direct optics cuts compatible with the Holosun K-series red dots. This addition enables precision and ease of use in various shooting conditions, a valuable feature aimed at enhancing user experience and functionality.

The 590 Thunder Ranch model is 38.5 inches in length, which adequately balances mobility and accuracy. It has a modest weight of around 6.75 pounds, ensuring stable and controlled operation without burdening the user significantly. With a comfortable length of pull measuring 13 inches, this model provides a relaxed and ergonomic grip for shooters. The magazine capacities are 6+1 rounds.

These new shotguns are slated to hit the market with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $662 for the 590 Thunder Ranch. Given Mossberg’s reputation for its engaging blend of quality and affordability, these models could see significant interest from shooting enthusiasts looking for a dependable and effective shotgun that doesn’t break the bank.


Mossberg’s new additions to their Thunder Ranch line revealed at SHOT Show 2024, highlight the brand’s commitment to constant improvement and innovation within the firearm industry. The 940 and the 590 Thunder Ranch models, with their shared features and distinct functionality, serve as testaments to Mossberg’s enduring contribution to high-quality, affordable firearm solutions. As shooting aficionados worldwide anticipate the release, these models will be under a spotlight in the coming months.

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