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[SHOT 2024] NeoMag Builds Its Alias Accessory Lineup

NeoMag’s innovative line of accessories for the Alias belt system is set to grow, with the recent announcement of a new MOLLE adapter. This addition comes shortly after the launch of the Alias belt system in late 2023, which was initially teased at SHOT. The belt system has gained recognition for offering strong, simple, and concealable carry capabilities with receivers that retain accessories such as magazines and holsters.

Equipped with a forward cant for easier reach, this new MOLLE adapter is designed to extend the functionality of the Alias belt by allowing the user to attach MOLLE accessories directly to the belt. The belt system was initially sold with one receiver, with the option to add extra receivers for $20 at the time of sale or $35 thereafter.

NeoMag shows no sign of slowing down; the company plans to further enhance the Alias belt system by introducing a Cobra closure for its belt buckle later this year. As it stands, they only offer a hook-and-loop closure, but this forthcoming update demonstrates the company’s commitment to progressing their line and offering variety to customers.

The MOLLE adapter is slated for release in February. With these key additions and updates promised, NeoMag is steadily building its Alias accessory lineup to expand the carry capabilities of the Alias belt system.


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