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[SHOT 2024] New RCR Rifle From Tippmann Arms

Tippmann Arms, the reputable firearms manufacturer, is now shipping its new offering – the RCR Rifle. As part of its M4-22 family, Tippmann’s latest disruption in the firearms market maintains the exceptional quality and performance for which the brand has become recognized.

A distinguishing factor of the new RCR model is its magnesium outer barrel sleeve. This material has been introduced to boost the rigidity of the rifle, a feature that does not come with an increased weight burden. Such engineering alterations aim to provide optimized handling and performance for competitive use where minimizing weight can be a crucial element. The barrel is threaded 1/2×28

Keeping to their penchant for enhancing operational convenience, Tippmann has implemented dual charging handles in this new RCR rifle. This includes a standard charging handle and a forward HK-esque charging handle. An innovative approach in the design, each charging handle operates independently of the other, allowing flexibility of control to match diverse user styles and preferences.

Retailing at a street price of $729, the RCR Rifle provides users with a fine balance of affordability and quality. The RCR Rifle is a remarkable addition to the M4-22 family, further solidifying Tippmann Arms’ legacy of innovation and practical design in the competitive firearms market space. The new model is already on transport to authorized dealers and gun stores to ensure customers can access this next level of competitive shooting as quickly as possible.

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