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[SHOT 2024] New Rossi R95 Lever Action Rifles in 45-70 Government

In a bold move to push boundaries further, Rossi, a renowned firearms manufacturer, has unveiled its latest firearm – the R95 lever action rifle in .45-70 Government. This new addition to Rossi’s lineup comes after last year’s successful launch of the R95 in 30-30 Winchester, which was available in two different barrel lengths. Amping up its game, Rossi has now built upon its previous success with a powerful 45-70 variant.

[SHOT 2024] Rossi Ups The Ante with The New R95 in 45-70

The R95 in 45-70 not only offers the same commendable functionality as its predecessor but manages to steeply increase its capability. The new model will be presented in three distinct barrel lengths, a feature bound to appeal to diverse user preferences. Customers can choose from a 16.5”, a 20”, or a 22” barrel length.

This potent firearm has a magazine capacity of five rounds. The staggering force of the 45-70 cartridge has been coveted by hunters for its knockdown power. Encouraging customization for its users, each of the variants comes with a threaded barrel, catering to the market’s increased desire for suppressor-friendly rifles.

This new offering mirrors the recent trend within the firearms industry of catering to customer demand for more personalized and adaptable products. Rossi’s move to offering 45-70 models signifies their intention to continue innovating and strengthening their offer portfolio to meet the evolving demands of their customer base.

Just as it did with its notable Triple Black Version, Rossi continues to make waves with the announcement of the R95 in 45-70 – another testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and versatility, making it a potent player in the firearms markets. With the R95 45-70, the brand appears steadfast in its bid to provide products that are adaptable, powerful, and reliable.

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