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[SHOT 2024] New Streamlight Products – TLR-7X, SpeedLocker, TLR-6 HL

At the SHOT Show 2024, the renowned flashlight maker Streamlight launched three innovative products –  the TLR-7X weapon light, SpeedLocker storage box and TLR-6 HL weapon light.

Streamlight stepped into the rechargeable territory with its new TLR-7X rail mounted weapon light. This is expected to end users’ worries about battery replacement and lifespan. Equipped with the high-performance Streamlight SL-B9 Protected Li-Ion USB Rechargeable Battery Pack, the TLR-7X flashes a whopping 500 lumens of light, translating to a beam distance of 140 meters with a max Candela of 5,000. Compact with a length of 2.58 inches and available in black and flat dark earth colors, the TLR-7X represents the future of all rail mounted weapon lights from Streamlight.


The second product that caught the attention of the industry insiders and enthusiasts alike is Streamlight’s new storage option – the SpeedLocker. Designed for convenient firearm storage including under a car seat or on a bedside table, the SpeedLocker uses a mechanical three-button combination lock that is user-friendly, always ready for quick access and still secure. Power source independence and dead battery worries are unbolted with this mechanical lock. Flaunting hard shell polymer construction, it offers 31 user-programmable combinations, water resistance, and air travel suitability. With external dimensions measuring 12.4 x 8.2 x 2.78 inches and internal space of 8.0 x 7.1 inches, it comes with a padlock, keys, an Allen key, and a security cable.

Streamlight also rolled out the TLR-6 HL, another addition to its weapon light series, now empowered with a laser. The TLR-6 HL will now beam out up to 300 lumens of light and give users the flexibility to toggle the laser and flashlight with different modes. The integration of Streamlight’s SL-B2 rechargeable battery and an accompanying battery bank ensures users always have enough power on hand. The compact design, with a length of 2.50 inches and weighing 1.12 ounces, makes it perfect for portable use. Like its sibling TLR-7X, the TLR-6 HL also comes in black and flat dark earth colors.

These releases from Streamlight usher in a new age of innovative, practical, and user-friendly lighting solutions and are expected to elevate the industry to the next level.

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