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[SHOT 2024] Presma Introduces New Bipod and Bufferless Stock Adapter

At SHOT 2024, California-based firm, Presma, unveiled new additions to its collection of tactical rifle accessories. Known among firearm enthusiasts for producing specialist gun components, their latest products are aimed at enhancing the user experience for gun owners.

The company presented a five-way adjustable bipod which also doubles as a folding foregrip. This versatile accessory, designed for comfort, is made predominantly of aircraft-grade aluminum with grip components made of polymer. It’s attached via M-LOK slots. At a weight of 8.2 oz, it is built to be both sturdy and light, and its adjustability ranges from 7.5 to nine inches.

In addition to the bipod, Presma also revealed a novel bufferless stock adapter. This piece of equipment is intended for rifles without a buffer tube, allowing the attachment of a folding stock or similar accessory that would otherwise not be compatible with the weapon. This adapter is compatible with most bufferless stabilizers and folding buttstocks, offering gun owners more customization options. It also includes a mount hole for QD sling swivels.

The new bufferless stock adapter is available in three distinctive finishes – orange, blue, and silver. This allows customers to choose a finish that suits their aesthetic preferences, while still getting the same high-quality functionality and build.

Product specs include:
– Adjustable bipod and folding foregrip: Made of aircraft grade aluminum, 8.2 Oz in weight, adjusts from 7.5 to nine inches.
– Bufferless stock adapter: Available in orange, blue, or silver finish, compatible with most bufferless stabilizers and folding buttstocks, includes mount hole for QD sling swivels.

Presma’s decision to market diverse and adaptable additions for firearms reflects the industry shift towards offering customizable gun components to cater to a variety of needs and preferences of their user base. These new products complement Presma’s existing lineup of high-quality firearm accessories and are expected to be available for purchase soon.

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