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[SHOT 2024] Stoeger STR-45 Offers Hard-Hitting Power In Full-sized Package

Stoeger Firearms, a longtime player in the industry, has launched a new power-packed full-sized handgun, the STR-45. This polymer-frame, striker-fired double-action semi-automatic handgun is stepping up to bring hard-hitting capabilities in a full-sized package.

This new model shares the design elements of the STR-9, which on its right has been appreciated across various segments of the consumer market. Furthermore, the STR-9 series has received additional finishes for the year 2024. One constant between the two models is the finish: for now, the new STR-45 is available only in black, like its predecessor.

The STR-45 brings more to the table. One of its most appealing features is the pre-cut slide for a red dot-style optic base. As quoted from a Stoeger representative, the gun “has spacers that will allow shooters to fit the optic of their choice.” This opens up a new level of customization for the users and a wider range of applications for the gun itself, from recreational shooting to security and defense scenarios.

The STR-45 also offers customization in grip size, thanks to its interchangeable backstraps. This will allow individual users to modify the gun to better fit their hand size, enhancing ergonomic comfort and shooting accuracy.

The STR-45 has a magazine capacity of 13+1 or 10+1, depending on configuration. It measures 7.95 inches in overall length. For those keen on shooting environments with poor lighting, Stoeger has ensured the model comes with either tritium night sights or 3-dot iron sights for a reduced cost.

Every purchase of the STR-45 comes with two magazines, giving shooters immediate firing capacity out-of-the-box. The suggested retail price of the STR-45 is pegged at $529, positioning it as an accessible option for many firearms enthusiasts looking for reliability and power in a full-sized semi-auto handgun.

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